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Apple Watch, Thoughts Part 2

So I’ve had some more time to reflect on the Apple Watch, and it still fascinates me. It’s an exciting new product, much like the iPad in 2010, but in also completely different. In the iPad event Steve Jobs gave us … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was announced Tuesday during Apple’s iPhone event. Due sometime in 2015, it’s an interesting and curious piece of technology. Sure it tells the time very accurately (+/- 50ms), gets notifications, but the real power is what else … Continue reading

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Aphex Twin – Syro

New Aphex Twin music! To electronic music fans, these are words we feared we would never hear. Instead I would expect to hear some rumors that Richard D. James had made music under another name, but not reviving the Aphex Twin … Continue reading

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Blue Apron

For the past 69 weeks (purely coincidence, ahem) I’ve been a Blue Apron subscriber. They are a mail order grocery service that deliver 3 meals per week complete with recipe, cooking instructions, nutritional information, and ingredients. Even pre-measured spices and sauces needed … Continue reading

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Expensive lessons in motorcycling.

In July of 2013 I traded in my Road Glide Special for a Honda F6B. I was a bit frustrated with how the RGS performed, and what it needed to turn it into a proper touring bike. I was under the remarkably … Continue reading

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