Aphex Twin – Syro


New Aphex Twin music! To electronic music fans, these are words we feared we would never hear. Instead I would expect to hear some rumors that Richard D. James had made music under another name, but not reviving the Aphex Twin moniker. Druqs came out thirteen years ago, and it’s time for a new lesson in music. A lesson he’s apparently pretty excited about. To me, RDJ is the grandfather of intelligent electronic music. He’s inspired many of the current popular electronic artists; Skrillex, Afrojack, Zedd. So having granddad back to school some youngin’s is something to get pumped about.

The first track has been released, minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]. It’s got a familiar RDJ feel to it, but updated. The synthesizers are sharp, layers upon layers, strong beat, and something a bit rare – his voice. You can listen to the first track on YouTube.  [minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]

The album release date is 09/22/14, but here’s some RJD track selections to warm up your ears.
[Come to Daddy]
[avril 14th] Don’t like electronic music? Try this piano piece.
[Crying in your face]

When you are ready to buy, I suggest Bleep where you can get 24-bit lossless .wav files. 

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