Amazon Echo

Amazon announces Echo.

My take is that it’s basically a dedicated Siri type device anchored to a room. Available “in the coming weeks” to those that probably fit a certain profile in your Amazon history.

Gruber on Daring Fireball says:

“Your phone is in your pocket all the time.”

John’s referring to the “Hey, Siri” or “Ok, Google” commands in current phones. In a household of 4 the “Hey, Siri” thing isn’t practical. Everybody’s device that’s plugged in goes off.  If you could customize “Hey, Siri” to a unique name, this product would be less attractive to those people. However, for kids or others not always carrying a device this sounds like it could be useful.

  1. Ask homework questions out loud.
  2. Add timers for homework, reading, screen time, cooking, etc…
  3. Add things to a to-do list.

All without having to launch an app, or change focus from what you are doing. That’s good automation.


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