Welcome to the play pen!

agfox.com is the home of the Goins clan, Nathan, Jennifer, Colin, & Megan.  We live in the flat as any city can be Indianapolis, Indiana.  Our family is passionate about going “green”, growing our own food, technology, and “fun activities” for the kiddies.  Our site is just about having fun and sharing news/info with our friends and family.    The name agfox stretches back into history to 1989.   The first online game I played over AOL I needed a call sign for.  I selected Silverfox.  Later in college 1993 I met my future wife online on a Purdue University hosted telnet chat board.  We’re talking old school text here people.  As more and more people joined the online sensation that was the internet, the name Silver* was being used excessively.  To differentiate myself and being the geek I am,  I  looked to the periodic table of elements for inspiration.   Ag = silver, and hence agfox was born.  I’ve used the name for over 15 years, it’s mine dammit!

A few goals for us this year…

1.  Lose weight!   We’re fat, no buts… .. er wait, there’s two HUGE buts.  We need to fix that.  Like flippin’ now.

2.  Continue working towards being carbon neutral.  We’re a long way off, but we’re making progress

3.  Grow a bountiful garden.  Last  years small scale success helped feed the motivation for this year.  We want MORE veggies on our plate.

4.  Get the kids in the best physical and mental condition they can be.  Need lots of brain stimulation, and good ole fashion exercise.  ( when you are fat, you hate exercise.  Ask me how I know. )

5.  Take a vacation.  Sounds odd putting that as a goal, but it’s needed!

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